Barbara Grey, brayer, Brayering

My adventure and continuing battle with brayering. Part 1

Hiya crafty friends,

I have always loved watching the very talented Barbara Grey, and the wonderful things she creates with her stamping and of course her brayering, so… I decided to buy myself a brayer.

Well, my first purchase didn’t go quite as planned as I did find one and thought “Wow, that’s a fantastic price…” as it was only £3.99. I got my brand new brayer home and was raring to go, but, on opening the box I soon discovered I had got the totally wrong brayer, (let this be a lesson – check before you buy :/) as this was as hard as a rock. But that aside, it then slowly dawned on me “I haven’t got any suitable ink”. So I wouldn’t have got very far anyway…Ha! Ha!

After searching (for quite a while) on e-bay, I did manage to win myself my very own, Barbara recommend, speedball brayer and some big and juicy ink pads…woo! hoo! There is no stopping me now, well that was until I tried my first attempt at brayering. Oh my word, what a mess, believe me they were. So much so, I’m too embarrassed to post them here.

Oh Barbara you make it look so easy….

To be continued…


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