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I think I’m getting a little closer :)

Hi crafty friends,

I quick post today…

I blogged yesterday about Vix’s Promarker tutorials. Well, I have done the first tutorial and I had my first proper attempt at colouring hair and I don’t think I did toooooo bad for my first attempt. I think a couple of areas need to be blended a bit more, but I am happy. I have finally done hair!!!!!!!!! I am definitely going to be practising this more an and there is a few more ‘red hair’ combinations I have finished yet.

I’m looking forward to more tutorials. So, over time, you will gradually see this little Izzie character getting more colourful with each tutorial 🙂

Red Hair

Highlights (need to practice this one a bit more)

Light ginger

Happy crafting


13 thoughts on “I think I’m getting a little closer :)”

  1. Doing great Debbi, you're packing out the highlights well. BTW don't know how local u are i assume pretty close, we have a monthly craft group on a Sunday called padgate crafters, im there with me pens lol! Drop me an email if u want details, its next to padgate station and on 11-5, i think next one is 22nd, u just bring whatever, no agenda. Cost depends on numbers but usually between 2-4 quid. My email is


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