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Vix’s Promarker tutorials Part 3 – Light colours clothes

Hi Crafty Friends,

As you all know, I have been following Vix’s Promarker tutorials, which I am finding soooooo helpful. Today I’m posting my attempt at Light Coloured clothes, which you can see on Izzies vest top. I’m really pleased I’ve learnt how to do this, as I think it will come in very handy.

And also I had a go at the grounding and grass grounding tutorial too. I think I have been a little heavy handed with the grey on the shadow one. So I little practice is needed with that one and I’ve just realise, I should have coloured Izzie’s vest top in the second image…ooop!

I can’t wait for the next tutorial! I’m really enjoying it 

Happy crafting

Click here for more graphics and gifs!


2 thoughts on “Vix’s Promarker tutorials Part 3 – Light colours clothes”

  1. I was like that at the beginning. If you search for Promarker tutorial on the internet and youtube, you'll soon get the hang of it…have a good time practicing with them, because that's the secret…paractice, practice, practice xxx


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