Social Phobia

My Manchester Stitch and craft show success :)

Hiya crafty friends,

Well, I had a good, if not tiring day, yesterday at the Manchester Stitch and craft show. My feet have not quite forgiven my yet. And boy it was raining and cold outside

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will already know that I suffer from Social Phoba. So going to places like this can be a bit (or, to rephrase that…a lot)…

for me, but I stealed myself, and with my fab mum by my side, I went. I did have a few wobbly moments, but at the end of the day it was…
And it was great to bump into friends, old and new there. One of the new friends was the lovely Linda from Linda Simpson Crafty Piece of Heaven, who was on the Hougie Board stand with Kay Rutter, and she is also part of the admin team over at Cards Galore Facebook Group. Thank you for being so lovely Linda, it made it sooooo much easier for me. You don’t realise what a big step for me that was xxx 
Anyway, now on to the fun bit. I had been saving up for weeks and weeks, knowing I was going and I must admit I had great fun spending it 🙂 And here is my lovely crafty stash:
I can’t wait to get crafting with it!!! My mum got a few bits and bobs too, so there are so many new toys to play with…  My only disappointment was that Lili of the Valley was not there  I love Lili of the Valley. One of the hardest part of the day was not spending all my money on the Inkylicious stand. I could have spent all day (and all my money) at that stall. They have so many gorgeous things, it’s hard to pick. I wanted then all 🙂
Well, I’m off to play with my new craft stash
Happy Crafting 

Click here for more graphics and gifs!


24 thoughts on “My Manchester Stitch and craft show success :)”

  1. Hi Linda, it was lovely to meet you too. Debbi and I had a whale of a time on Thursday spending all of our hard earned cash lol. I vowed that I wouldn't, but yes I did, I bought some more 'ribbon'……


  2. Wow ! I can't congratulate you enough for sticking it out Debbi! I had aggaraphobia for ten years (. Mostly when my daughters were young and I missed seeing them in loads of things) I know the struggle just to get out ! I have to say I'm okay now after a lot of help from dr and family . Thank goodness but I always feel for those people with struggles that are not openly visible to the eye . X


  3. Aww, thank you Rachael xx Yeah, it would have been lovely to see you, but distance is a problem, isn't it. I don't travel far myself.
    Hopefully, I can play with some of my new stash tomorrow, can't wait!!! Hugs xx


  4. Well done Debbi such an accomplishment for you, glad you had a good day and met lovely Linda. Wish I could have come along and met you both but too far for me :(, You have bought some great crafty stuff looking forward to seeing what you create with them.

    Hugs Rachael xx


  5. Oh Debbi I wasn't aware of your phobia but it was really lovely to meet you and your mum. It made my day that you actually came to say hello. I spent yesterday and today and I still have some money left for tomorrow. Enjoy your crafty goodies and I look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you too for writing about meeting me in your blog I never expected that!

    Linda xxxx


  6. Thanks hun xxxx I got the dies from Stamposaurus. I tried to find them on their website but couldn't find them…which is strange :/ If I come across them I will let you know xxx


  7. Awww, thanks hun xxxx I did get you something, and because it's you I actually got you quite a few things…plastic carrier bags. When do you want me to send 'em…ol xxx Hugs!


  8. Glad you had a good day. You have a lot to be proud of yourself as it sounds you did brilliantly. And just look at all that stash! So what did you get for me then? Lol.


  9. Bet you had a great time. Must admit large crowds make me uncomfortable to but I'm sure I'd overcome it too for a crafty day. Stash looks great have fun playing can't wait to see what you produce. Good crafting xx


  10. Glad you had a good time must admit I find it difficult in large crowds but I'm sure I would overcome it for a crafty day. Stash looks great bet you can't wait to have fun with it. Good luck xxx


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