Tim Holtz Tattered Floral Flower/s video Tutorial

Hiya crafty friends,

Well I have finally managed to finish my promised video tutorial for Tim Holtz Tattered floral flower/s. Phew…it has taken me sooooo long, as the editing software was not playing nicely and it was was taking me 4 times longer to do anything :/

Anyway, so here, as promised is the videos. I have had to do it in four part because of the time limits on youtube. I hope they are ok and I apologies for the blurness in some of the videos (I forgot to put the macro back on *BLUSH*) but they are still very viewable.

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
I hope you enjoyed them I would love to see your guys flowers. So let me know if you have a go 🙂

Happy crafting (and flower making)
Click here for more graphics and gifs!


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