ultimate blog challenge

Like a butterfly…

Day 10 – 
Personal or Business Blogging: Be inspired by a great quote!  You could share a quote from someone famous or someone less-than-famous (like your kid, spouse, neighbor, or friend).  Quote inspired posts can be inspirational and motivational, funny or sarcastic.There are quotes for every mood and theme. 

Hiya crafty friends,

When I read today challenge I have to admit it was a bit of a puzzler, as I have to admit all my favourite quotes are from Monty Python films/sketches…lol! And as a crafter there is not much I could do with them 🙂 So, I went on a hunt for quotes on the internet and I came across the quote below and it instantly touched me and seemed to echo what I am trying to do at the moment with my fight to conquer my Social Phobia. I am going to use it as a future affirmation, and I may even print it out and frame it..

With this quote as inspiration, this is the craft project I have come up with…

Click here for more graphics and gifs!


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