*Meet the Design Team – Say hi to Isobel*

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Isobel, I’m almost 58 (birthday soon) – I’m a bit of a mixed bag having a Scottish mother and Polish father. My husband and I were childhood sweethearts and married in 1971 when we were both just 17 years old. We had 4 girls Marion in 1972, Pauline in 1974, Susan in 1977 and finally Fiona in 1982. Our girls are our world. We have been married nearly 41 years now and are also blessed to be nana and papa to 8 beautiful grandchildren Skye 15, Dale 11, Sam 11, Dylan 11, Abbie 8, Zoe 8, Ava 6, and our surprise extra is Phoebe 1.Ian has retired early and has taken up metal craft so we enjoy going to craft fairs together to try and sell what we make. 
2. How long have you been crafting for and how did you become a crafter? 
 I have been crafting of a sort all my life really, having learned to knit at my mother’s knee when I was about 5. My mum was an avid knitter when she was alive. I’ve always loved all things crafty and like to dabble in all sorts. I’m like jack of all crafts master of none. Lol. I started making cards after daughter no 3 gave me a card kit for Xmas 6 years ago. The old cliché hook line and sinker comes to mind! 
3. What is your favourite craft to do?
My favourite cards to do are Ladies as you can be as fanciful as you like with them. 
4. Do you work in the craft industry?
I don’t work in the craft industry but attend as many craft fairs as I can. 
5. What is your favourite craft technique?
My favourite crafting technique has to be decoupage as I love to cut things out , I find it very therapeutic. 
6. Who is your favourite crafter and why?
My favourite crafter is Barbara Gray. I have always had a love for drawing and water colour but can do neither, and Barbara just inspires me with her brayer and stamps to have a go and enjoy myself while I’m doing it. She’s a wonderful crafter and lady , my heroine. 
7. Why did you want to become a Design Team member?
I wanted to be a design team member with cards galore as I love to make cards and I love the challenge every month of designing something to suit the challenge, and of course not being modest or anything I like to show off my work and hope others enjoy looking at it .

5 thoughts on “*Meet the Design Team – Say hi to Isobel*”

  1. Hello Isobel what a fabulousn interview and a big family too. How lovely to have your hubby having a keen interest and doing the fairs together.

    Linda xxx


  2. Hi Isobel so nice to read about you and the other DT members. Loce your story and I must check out Barbara Gray as watercolours are a fav of mine.

    Nice to meet you.



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