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5 docrafts member galleries I LOVE and why.. (Prompt #2)

Hiya crafty friends,

Today’s prompt is –  
5 docrafts member galleries I LOVE and why

As I am a fairly new member to the Creativity Club, I have only recently started visiting the website more regularly and I’m afraid to say I haven’t looked at the galleries as much as I should. So I am quite pleased this prompt came along, as I have now made a point of going over and having a look see at the galleries. 

Wow! There are some talented crafters out there. My list could have gone on forever. But I have to pick five and these are the ones that jumped out to me.

Such a talent for scrapbooking

I have to say I am a little biased with this one as Marleen is one of my design team members and a friend, but that doesn’t take away with how talented she is and I love her work. I just wish I could scrapbook as good as her.

What’s there not to love ?

Another biased pick with this one I’m afraid, as again Rachael is one of my design team members, but I love her work and always love seeing what she comes up with next.

Love it!!!

Well, what can I say, it’s Jo Austin. If ever there was a woman that can inspire with all things Docrafts, this is the lady. I love her ideas and she makes you look at all your crafty things differently. 

I HAVE to make one of these!

I LOVE this lady’s work and have followed her blog for some time now, but it was only today I found out she had a Docrafts gallery too. I just love looking at everything she does. This is one talented lady!!!


Well, this lady is one of my new finds today. Wow, her work is stunning!!!! Such variety, tons of inspiration. I could quite happily sit and look at her gallery all day.

If there is one thing this prompt has taught me, is to visit the galleries more often. I am excited now at what other treasures I can unearth 🙂

Happy crafting

Click here for more graphics and gifs!


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