Creativity is a messy thing.. (Creativity Club blog prompt #11)

Creativity Club –Todays blog prompt #11
is to write about and show off photographs of your craft room! How do you store everything? Any nifty and thrifty ideas to share? I also want you to name your favourite episode of Creativity TV to date…

Hiya crafty friends

Eeeeek! I’d be mortified if I show you my craft room (aka my bedroom…lol!) the way it is at the moment…*BLUSH* 

But hopefully this summer, with the help of my lovely dad and brother, I will have my very own craftroom…YEPPIEE!!!

My Pinterest board is filled to the brim with ideas. I know a lot of them are I will never used, and some of the rooms are WAY beyond my budget. But a girl can dream can’t she? So as I have already blogged about ideas for my new craft room, today I thought I’d share some dream craft rooms I have found on my Pinterest travels, that I’m sure we all wish we could have, but know we never will…lol!

Well, here we go lets enter dream world.

When I can across each of these room my first thought was always “Oh, I wish…”, but my second though was always “Boy, these people must have big houses” and my finishing thought is always “I bet they are not always that tidy”…lol! 
Great storage!

Love the feel of this one. Seems so relaxing to craft in

Umm, very impractical, but nice idea

Very nice!

I really like this one!!

And to finish off, it has to be the queen of all things creative…Martha Stewart’s Room. 

Right time to wake up guys and back to reality and my very untidy craft bedroom.

Happy crafting

Click here for more graphics and gifs!


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