Creativity Club Blog Prompt event

Just one word… (Creativity Club Prompt #19)

Today’s Creativity Club blog prompt is ‘A WORD…’
Using one word, describe yourself and then ask another blogger to do the same. Mention in your blog post who you will be asking to do the same and link to their blog.

Hi crafty friends,

Hmmmm, one word to describe myself….urm….*thinking*…


And the person I am asking to do the same is Debbi at Taylor Made Cards

From Drop Box

1 thought on “Just one word… (Creativity Club Prompt #19)”

  1. well this has got me thinking!

    one word to describe me – loyal

    I don't say this lightly, my family and my friends are very important to me and I will protect them and help them in any way I can


    will post this to my blog and link back and also name someone to describe themselves in one word!
    Debbi x


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