Organising tips

Organising tips…

Hiya crafty friends,

Now I have moved into my new craft room, I am trying to be a good girl and organise all my crafty stash. So I thought I’d share with you some of the ways I am trying to get more organised

Well, I have decided to start is my own index book, using an A4 display book (which of course I have to decorate. Will post when I do) and today was the turn of my Distress Inks, Promarkers and Flexmarkers, to be all organised.

With Distress inks, the first thing I did was download the label sheet from here: and labelled all the inks I have got (I know I haven’t got a huge amount at the moment, but as I am planning to get them all, I thought I might as well start as I mean to go on 🙂 )
The next job was to download and print the blank colour chart from here: I then laminated mine.
I punched out some scallop circles from white card
Then using each colour of distress ink, I individually sponged ink on to the scallop circle

I also flicked around the edge too, so the graduation could be shown too

Then it was stuck (I used double sided tape) to the corresponding square on the chart

I repeated this with all the colours.

I also us the same chart to store my sponged too. By adhereing a bit of the hooked part of Velcro to each square

Now it was the turn for my Promarkers to be sorted. You may all have seen an earlier post, where I shown you my home-made Promarker storage. If not, you can visit it HERE
Luckily, there are also blank chars availible for both Promarkers and Flexmarkers, and you can download them, using the following links:
Promarker chart
Flexmarker chart

Now my next challenge is to label the pockets in  my storage roll, so I remember where each pen goes 🙂

I hope you find these useful

Happy craftying

Debbi x


10 thoughts on “Organising tips…”

  1. You put me to shame Sweetie, I didn't know i could download a colour chart, so i printed all the colours out & stuck them on my inks…. it took forever… thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas x


  2. Wow, I love these ideas, especially the ink charts……the ink that I need to use is always at the bottom of the pile! I'm definitely going to do this…thanks for sharing xx


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