Scrunch flower tutorial

Hi crafty friends,

Today I am sharing one of my favourite paper flowers to make. They are so easy to make, but still very effective.

Before the tutorial, I thought I’d show you the card I have used them on

Scrunch flower Tutorial
These are one of the easiest and most affective flowers you will ever make.
Step 1.
Use any scallop circle die or punch (as you will use the exact same process no matter what size you choose to make), and cut/punch 5 scallop circles from a paper of choice.

Step 2.
Place all 5 on top of each other
Step 3.
Place the pile on top of a pricking mat and then, with a pokey tool ,and poke a hole all the way through each layer

Step 4
Once you have poked a hole, place a brad through and secure at the back

Step 5
Take the first layer, and scrunch towards the middle

Step 6
Take the second level and do the same. 
Repeat the same process with each layer

Step 7.
Once all the layers have been scrunched up, begin to tease out the layer until you get the look you want

Here are some examples of some flowers made with different sized circles

Happy crafting
You can download and print this tutorial here:

Scrunch Flowers Tutorialhttp://www.scribd.com/embeds/98888179/content?start_page=1&view_mode=list&access_key=key-198a3b0c9zfsponnj6yc


24 thoughts on “Scrunch flower tutorial”

  1. Wow – when I first saw the card I had no idea the flowers would be that simple to make! Thanks for sharing – they are really effective. Think I'll have to have a go at these! x


  2. what a fab idea and so easy using all the bits of papers ,would it work as well with glitter paper ill try it and let you know how i get on thanks for tip.


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