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Dabberling with altered art, using Creativity Club downloads – Part one

Hiya crafty friends,

Recently, I shared my exciting news with you that I had picked to join the Docrafts Creativity Club design team. Well, I have had a fabulous times going back through all the wonderful free downloads you have instant access to when you are a member, and there are sooooo many, I was spoilt for choice as what to use first. So if you have any spare craft pennies, and I know I’m a bit biased…lol, but I would recommend the club for the downloads alone. Not to mention all the other benefits you get 🙂
So I thought I’d set myself a little challenge and do something I’d not really done before. And as soon as I saw the ‘Vintage’ collection I knew…some sort of Altered Art. This is something that have haven’t done much of before, and the question was…what do I alter???
Then I spotted a Ferreo Rocher box that has been sat on my desk since I don’t know when, not doing anything, so was just the ticket 🙂

So you haven’t got a HUGE post to read, I have decided to do this tutorial in two (or three parts). So keep your eyes peeled, where you will see the finished project in the last post (as I’m still working on it now…lol) 🙂
So, for starters, the lid of the box…

First was to decide which element from the set would work best on the lid, and I eventually picked this one, as it fits perfectly to the size of the lid. 

I cut around the element, leaving enough of a margin around it to wrap around the lid.

Taking some Mod Podge (or you could use PVA glue) (I always squeeze it on to a plastic bag or something, as this can be easily throw away after use, And the bonus is you don’t have to wash it)

Apply the glue to the lid with a brush

Then adhere your paper to the top, making sure the element is where you would like it to be. 

And smooth down the sides, with the palm of your hand

Fold in the corner (almost like wrapping a present) and us a bit of the glue again the smooth down the creases. Don’t worry about there being a gap. This will be being cover at a later stage.

Apply some glue to the paper that is over hanging, and fold over the edge and adhere to the inside

And here is how my lid looked up to now.

Next is the base of the box. So watch out for Part two, which I will post in the next couple of days
Thanks for popping over to my blog

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