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Dabberling with altered art, using Creativity Club downloads – Part two

 Hiya crafty friends,
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog post, part one of my Altered box. Well, here finally is part two. Sorry for the small delay. I’ve been having problems with my image host. It all seems to be sorted now…hopefully 🙂
Continue by covering the base of the box, in the same fashion as the lid.

 Apply the glue to the side of the box…
…and wrap as you would when wrapping a gift, but use the glue to adhere the creases
 Repeat on the other end of the box too

 Apply some more glue, this time to the inside of the box and fold the remainder of the patterned paper inside the box and adhere.

 Repeat on the other side. 
 Allow the glue to dry (I speeded it up  little by using my heat gun)

Taking some Shabby Shutter Distress Ink, I distressed the lid, particularly the edges.

 I also distressed the base of the box too. Again, I distressed the edges a bit more.

With the new Docrafts Artiste pens, I used ‘Wet Leaf’, which is like a dark olive green.

 And applied it to the edge of the box base to give a tarnished look, to add to the distressed look of the box.

I then adhered some trim to both the base…
…and the lid.
The box is now completely covered, so the next step for me is to embellish it. But shhhhhhh, I’ve not done it yet. So keep your eyes peeled for Part three, where I will share with you my final box 🙂
Thank you again for all the lovely comment on part one, they really are very much appreciated.

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