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Child of the 80’s

Hiya crafty friends,
The 1980’s, the decade some people say that “Fashion forgot”, but as a child of the 80’s myself it holds a lot of memories for me. Admittedly, some I’d prefer to forget, but lots I wouldn’t…
Grolsh top shoes. Ah, the memories 🙂
My first time on a plane
Family Christmas parties
The music
And talking of music…the 80’s also gave me my first major crush. I was a big Bros fan (yes I was a Brosette, ripped jean, Grolsh tops on my shoes an all) and I was TOTALLY in love with the lead singer…lol 🙂

 So it was very nostalgic to work with the new Creativity Club download. It really did take me back. 
I thought I’d do something a little different with it and made a petal gift box. And I’m sure it would be great t use for anybody you are giving a gift to, who grew up in the 80’s too.

I printed both sides of the card, before I cut the box out, so the box also had an illustrated inner too


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