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Creativity Club gets even better!!!

Hiya crafty friends
I was so excited to learn this week that we can do even more with our free Creativity Club downloads now!! The people at Docrafts have now made is possible to use the Club downloads you get free, as part of your membership, with the fantastic Docraft Digital Designer. This opens up the door to so many more things you can do now 🙂
And it is so easy too. All you have to do is click this button…
…and got to the jpeg file for the download you want to use (not the PDF file) and hey presto you can play away 🙂
And talking of the downloads. I was so happy when this weeks download was released. It was just what I need!!! 
I am in the middle of making a Advent calender at my craft group and was wondering how I was going to do the number and then as luck would have it, that was just what the new download was. How luck was that!!!!It’s not finished yet, but here’s a little teaser of my Advent until my full blog post about it and the fantastic download, which is going to be soooooo useful to me. So if you have the time to pop back here next week, you will see the finished project, Well I hope so…lol! Hmmmm, will have to decided what choccies to put in it too…nom! nom! 🙂

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