Technique Tuesday

Technique Tueday – Homemade Embossing folders

Hiya Crafty friends,
This weeks technique is how to make your own embossing folders. I have made a simply design for this tutorial, but that’s the beauty of making your own. The design can be just the way you want it. You use cutting dies, as I have done. Or even hand-cut your own designs.
You can also make them what ever size you need to match you card size.
1.Cut a piece of card the size you need. I have cut mine to match the C6 card I will be using for this tutorial 

2. I will be using hearts for folder, so I dies quite a few from some card

3. Using a paint brush, coat the top of the cad with PVA glue (you can individually adhere the element to the card, but I found coating the whole card helps stiffen it when it is dry)
4. Stick the design elements to the card, over-hanging some over the edge of the card
5. Cut the excess away
6. I helped the drying process along by using my hairdryer (it’s not quite as harsh as your heat gun). I also found that it helped to flatten it too.
 7. Using the same procedure, with your die cutting machine, as you would with a normal embossing folder. Place the ’embossing folder’ on the first cutting mat first, then your card…
 8. …then your rubber/silicone mat…
9. …then second your cutting mat and run through you machine

10. And hey presto!

The possibilities are endless!!

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