Technique Tuesday

Technique Tuesday – Shabby Chic embossed acetate

Hi crafty friends,
All the Technique Tuesday’s this month were all about ‘Embossing’. So the final technique for February is a something I call ‘Shabby Chic embossed acetate’.
1. Cut a piece of acetate to the desired size

2. Emboss using a embossing folder

3. Take a brush and some white acrylic paint…

…squeeze a blob on the de-bossed side of the acetate…

…and brush, so the back of the acetate is cover with a thing layer of the paint

4. Take some tissue and..

…wipe gently, so the paint is only left in the embossed areas. You can clean the areas that are not embossed more carefully, but as I was going for a shabby chic look I left them

And here is how I used it (sorry it’s not a good picture)


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