Happy St George’s Day

Hiya crfty friends,
Happy St Georges Day!
I really am loving my colouring at the moment. I hadn’t done it for a little while, but now I am colouring everything in sight…lol 🙂 I find it really relaxing. And there are so many fantastic Digi stamps out there that are such a pleasure to colour. I am going to try and fit in more colouring, and you never know, I may do one or two videos for the blog (I’m no expert colourer, but I’ll just show you how I do it). 
Let me know if you would like me to do a video or two 🙂
One of my favourites is Mo’s Digital Pencil. The images are amazing!! I really could bankrupt myself at this shop…lol 🙂 The one I have used here is ‘Dragon Hugs‘, which I thought was perfect for today, which is St Georges Day here in England.

I tend to build my colours up, that’s why there are so many colours in the list below. I know there are others who only use a minimal palette, which I do on occasions. I plan to be minimal but end up layering again…lol! 
What  also like to do now is, when the image is finished, using a light grey (I used a Blue Grey 1 Flexmarker for this image) and add shadow to darkest areas. I find it gives the image some depth.
If you have any requests for a video, why not pop a comment below . But like I said, I am no expert, just a hobbiest but I will do my very best to help if I can.
Thanks, as always for visiting my blog

9 thoughts on “Happy St George’s Day”

  1. Happy St. George's day to you too! I can't say much about your card as I am blind, other than that it remidns me of how badly I want to have enough vision to color again. 😦


  2. This is brilliant! I too love colouring and find it really relaxing….infact I have some ready to do this evening.
    You have used a great collection of colours to make this image really look professional.

    Hugs Lisa xxxx


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