Tattered Lace Challenge

Tattered Lace August Challenge – Decadence

Hiya craft friends,
It’s time for another fantastic Tattered Lace Challenge with the fabulous theme of Decadence. So why not join us over at the challenge blog and be in with a chance winning a Tattered Lace prize! What a fabulous excuse to go all out, which is exactly what I did and loved every minute.And what can be more decadent than a masquerade ball.
Step by step
1.       Cover a mask with wide lace using a tacky glue
2.       Using gold card cut a Venetian Border (http://www.crafting.co.uk/index.php/tattered-lace-dies-venetian-border-accent.html) and adhere above the eyes on the mask and apply some flat back pearls underneath
3.       Cut a Derwent Border from gold card and apply to the back of the mask overlapping the top. Cut the accent  from the Venetian Border (http://www.crafting.co.uk/index.php/tattered-lace-dies-venetian-border-accent.html) from gold card and snip away the flower from the centre and adhere to the centre of the Derwent Border at the top of the mask.
4.       Again using gold card, cut a Venetian Fern (http://www.crafting.co.uk/index.php/tattered-lace-dies-venetian-fern.html). Snip the flowers from each side and place to the corner of the mask. Cut the accent  from the Venetian Border (http://www.crafting.co.uk/index.php/tattered-lace-dies-venetian-border-accent.html) from blue glitter card and place at the bottom of the flowers and apply a large gem in the centre.
5.       Cut the centre of the Venetian fern that was left over from step 4 in half and add to both corners of the mask.
6.       Cut various length of ribbon and attach to both sides of the mask.

Thanks for stopping by

Happy Crafting

Debbi x


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