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Craft It Yourself Series #2 – Thick Texture Paste

Hiya Crafty friends,

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Here we are already with the second part in series of ‘Craft It Yourself’. Last time I covered how to do a weathered/aged paint effect as the first job on my altered box.

Today I will showing you how to make a thick texture paste to add the illusion of book pages around the box.

Supplies needed:

White acrylic paint

PVA Glue

Talcum powder

2 Measure cup/spoon (whatever you have available. I’ve used a plastic shot cups. You need 2, one for the wet ingredient and another for the dry.)

Distress Ink: Antique Linen, Tea Dye and Vintage Photo

Clip-lock pot

Something to stir with (I’ve used a lollipop stick)

I first poured 1 part paint into my pot and then a 1/2 part of PVA glue.

To make things less messy I have transferred my talc into and clip-lock pot. This way I can easily spoon out the amount I need. And for this I need 2 1/2 parts of talc, which is added to paint and glue.

When mixing all the ingredient together don’t worry if it begins to look like the picture below. Just continue mixing…


…it will end up looking like this. Always keep the paste in sealable pot as it will dry out fairly quick.

20150830_121020Before applying the paste I masked all the areas of my box I didn’t want the paste to go.

I then applied the paste around the edge, and this is the one time that you really do want the brush strokes to show, as this is what gives the effect of the ‘book pages’. So I applied a like more pressure than I usually would when painting.

To age the pages I first used Antique Linen and applied it to all the texture paste. Then I lightly brush some Tea Dye on top. I didn’t go too heavy with this. Just enough to bring out the texture.

To further bring out the texture I used a Scattered Straw and Brushed Corduroy Distress Makers to add a few lines and darken the edges. I then used Vintage Photo to age the corners more.

And here is how it looked when I finished.

20150830_133458Hope to see you again on 27th September for part three of my ‘Craft It Yourself’

Happy Crafting



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