Craft It Yourself

Craft It Yourself #3 – Faux Aged Metal

Hiya crafty friends,

For this weeks ‘Craft It Yourself’ I did a bit of experimenting as I had never tried this particular technique before. So I raided my craft stash to see what I could find that I thought would work.

Pinnable images

The items I used were:

Tattered Lace A4 Plus Gold Card (this has a slightly matte finish)

Embossing Folder

Black Acrylic Paint

Make Up Sponges

Nail File/Fine Sandpaper

Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint

Viridian Acrylic Paint (Green)

Linen Acrylic Paint

First I made sure the card was large enough to cover the wood, and then I embossed it with a pattern I thought went with the ‘metal’ theme of this technique.

I then cover the whole thing with the black acrylic paint, and working quickly as the paint dries quite quick, I rubbed off the excess with some tissue so that the gold was showing through.

I also gave the whole thing a light sanding which added to the aged look. I then very lightly sponged the metallic gold acrylic paint, mainly around the edges, to give a subtle shimmer.

As you can see in this first picture, even though I added the tiniest amount of gold it really did bring the thing to life. But I also wanted to expand on the aged look so I decided (at this point I didn’t know if it would work or not :/ ) to add some faux oxidisation. The nearest green paint I had was a little too dark I thought, so I mixed it with some Linen paint to get the colour I thought would work. I then lightly sponged it in mainly around the edges.

After all the paint had dried I cut it to size and placed it into the frame of my altered ‘book’ box.

20150920_164030Well, there you go, my bit of craft room experimenting.

Well, what shall we do with my book box next? Well, hope to see you in two weeks time to find out,

See you then



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