Inspiring Christmas part 2

(Sorry the very short post last time. For some reason it published all by itself before I have finish. So todays post will follow on from Inspiring Christmas part 1 which you can find HERE)


They have a wonderful array of baubles, far too many for me to share with you, so I picked some of my faves. I love the lace on these and it really has inspired me for lots of different projects, not just for Christmas. I’m already planning for next years project idea πŸ™‚

It can be tiring roaming around all things Christmas…lol… that you just have to have the obligatory cup of tea and a chat

Now refreshed it was time to head back in, this time for a bit of Christmas present shopping, which obviously I can’t show you as they have now been sent to Santa but I did add to my decorations stash…oops…they fell into my basket…honest.

Well, my Christmas is well and truly in full swing and is my favour time of the year for crafting.

I’ll be sharing of this years projects with you soon.



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