Christmas, thank you

Lace bauble step by step photo tutorial

Hiya crafty friends,

Well, it’s Christmas week…yay! And starting today I have lots of Christmassy things to show you over the next few days. So lets get started!!

Today I am going to show you how I made this vintage style lace bauble. I really loved how it turned out 🙂

 Header image

One of the first things you will need is a clear bauble, I used a plastic fillable one from Hobbycraft, and a roll of lace.

Take some strong double sided tape and place a small amount on either side of the bauble loop.

 Cut a length of lace that is large enough to wrap around the bauble and also make the frill at the top.

Take the sides of the lace and adhere to the tape at the top of the bauble

 Cut a peice of ribbon at your desired length and thread through the loop and fold in half. Now knot them together and snip away any excess ribbon, turn the ribbon loop around so the knot is near the bauble.

 Gather all the lace together, making sure the loop is in the centre.

 Secure tightly  with a band.

Pull the ribbon loop out of the way and trim the lace to give an even frill

 Place the ribbon loop back in the centre and adjust the frill.

Lace bauble tutorial 19

 Take a short length of ribbon and cut the ends at a slant, as pictured. Then wrap around the elastic band as below.

 One of my all time favourite craft tools is my Bow-it-All V2. I love how the bows look when made on it. So thought I’d do a little video tutorial on how I made this long tailed double bow for my bauble.



Lace bauble tutorial 27

 Once the bow is attached (I used a glue gun to attach mine) I took tree small paper roses and twisted them together to make a little posy. Use some wire cutters to remove the excess wire, but leave a short length to wrap and  attach a string of pearls.

 Adhere to the centre of the bow using a glue gun.

Lace bauble tutorial 35

The gem I attached to finish was taken from a necklace I bought from my local pound shop, which had eight gems on (bargain!). Again I used my glue gun to adhere it.

Lace bauble tutorial 36

And here it is at home on my Christmas tree


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did making it.

What Christmas decorations did you make this year? Please let me know, as I’d LOVE to see them!

Happy crafting



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