12 days of Christmas, Christmas, thank you

Inked Winter scene step by step photo tutorial

Hiya Crafty Friends,

In October I asked you all to vote which tutorial you would like first, and ‘Sunset‘ won by a whisker.

So now, as promised, here is the ‘Winter’ tutorial.

Supplies needed:


First of all I collected together all the supplies I thought would be good to make a winter scene. I ended up only using one of the Memento colours you can see in the photo, the Teal Zeal.


Place the piece of card on a blending mat and then place the Mountain/Valley stencil just under halfway up the card. If you feel the stencil may move, you can secure it with a little masking tape onto the mat. Take an Ink Duster and the Broken China ink…


…and dab some ink onto the blending mat.


Make sure the stencil is secure and brush ink above in gently circular motions. Build the ink up until you are happy with it, remember this is the first layer of ink so is the lightest. I also left the centre slightly lighter to create a sense of moonlight, which you will see later on.


For my moon stencil I used the smallest circle die I had and cut at the top of a sticky note so it was tacky.


Which I placed in the sky, as below.


I used an ink duster to apply some Peacock Feathers Distress Ink brushing inwards.


The third Distress Ink used was Broken Sapphire, which was applied around the edge.


I then went back to the Broken China and added a small amount to the brush and gently blended over the whole of the sky to give a  smoother gradient. Remove both of the stencils and now you can see how leaving the centre of the sky lighter gives the illusion of a moonbeam.


Place the Mountain/Valley stencil where you would like  the first ‘mound’ of snow to be…


…and using Broken China Distress Ink on the Ink Dusker gently apply in a flicking motion upwards. Don’t press too hard when doing this. Just keep applying lightly until the desired look.


Place the stencil towards the bottom of the card…


…and repeat the same technique.


Lightly brush some Peacock Feathers in to the bottom corners and edge, which gives some added depth


Using some ‘Christmas Tree’ stamps and my Stampeazee I added them using Memento Teal Zeal ink.




Santa’s sleigh was added in the sky using Teal Zeal Memento Ink


Gently add some dots using a white gel pen to add some snowfall…


…and also add some to the trees where the snow would land on the branches.


I loved making these and plan to do a lot more in 2016. What kind of scenes do you think would be fun to do?


Happy crafting



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