Altered Wooden Heart Box Quick Make + giveaway

Hiya crafty friends,

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of January already. It only seems like yesterday we were taking down the Christmas decorations. But pretty soon love will be in the air with Valentine’s Day on the horizon.


And would you like to win the finished item? Find out how to be in with a chance at the bottom of the post.

I found this cute little wooden heart box at my local craft shop

Altered Wooden Valentine Box

I thought it would look lovely decorated, so I raided my craft stash and here’s how I did it…

Altered Wooden Valentine Box 6

Firstly I placed some strong double sided tape along the top edge of the box

Altered Wooden Valentine Box 7 Altered Wooden Valentine Box 9          Altered Wooden Valentine Box 10

Altered Wooden Valentine Box 11

and attached some lace all the way around the lid and secured the end with some more tape…

Altered Wooden Valentine Box 12          Altered Wooden Valentine Box 13Altered Wooden Valentine Box 14

Using a glue gun I attached a string of pearls to the top edge.

Altered Wooden Valentine Box 15Altered Wooden Valentine Box 16          Altered Wooden Valentine Box 17Altered Wooden Valentine Box 18          Altered Wooden Valentine Box 19Altered Wooden Valentine Box 20

Well, the paper ribbon I used I’ve had it in my craft stash for a long time and never used it. I trimmed one of the scalloped edges, which I then placed along the bottom edge of the box. As it’s sticky backed ribbon, it was very simple to attach. I put the remainder of the ribbon to one side, as I will be using it later.

Altered Wooden Valentine Box 21

I found this cute little frame and thought it would be perfect to add to my box.

Altered Wooden Valentine Box 22          Altered Wooden Valentine Box 23

Altered Wooden Valentine Box 24          Altered Wooden Valentine Box 25Altered Wooden Valentine Box 26Altered Wooden Valentine Box 27          Altered Wooden Valentine Box 28Altered Wooden Valentine Box 29

I needed an image for the frame so I made use of the box that the flowers, which I’ll use a little later, came in. I traced the heart shape from inside the frame around the image and cut it out. To secure it in the frame I applied some hot glue around the edge.

Altered Wooden Valentine Box 30

To finish the frame I added some pearls around the bottom edge, using my glue gun.

I decorated with paper roses and a couple of pearls I cut from the string. They were all attached with my lovely new glue gun I got for Christmas (my mum knows me well 🙂


And I also used the remainder of the paper ribbon to decorate the inside of the box too.


I then adhered some white ribbon around the whole of the base before…


…adding some decorative ribbon too.


And here is the finished box


If you would like to win the finished box? All you have to do is enter by clicking the link below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and do let me know if you have a go yourself as I LOVE seeing your makes.

Happy Crafting



8 thoughts on “Altered Wooden Heart Box Quick Make + giveaway”

  1. Wow, that is an amazing tutorial. I am always turned off by the decorations of the boxes, but this idea will definitely be used, if not for myself then for others. Could do a nice gift for mother as well, if the picture in frame is of the children.
    Thanks, really!

    Liked by 1 person

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