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How to make an up-cycled trinket Box

Hiya craft friends,

It’s great making use of something that would normally be thrown away, and making it pretty…well that’s a bonus! 🙂

Women of a certain age all know we all need a little help along the way, and most of use have our little pots of cream on our dresser. Well, how about making them into a useful little additions to the dresser when they are empty.

I’ve got a little soft spot for anything makeup and skincare and have tried lots of creams over the years. This was one of the cheaper ones I’ve tried, but when I had emptied it, it seemed a shame to throw away this particular one. So, I decided to upcycle it.


I was quite lucky that with just a little elbow grease and wet wipe I was able to remove the writing from the lid without marking the clear plastic.



The lid had an inlay that was easily removable, so I started by separating them.




My mum found this lovely tissue paper and gave me a few sheets. I love the butterflies on it.


I placed the top layer of the lid onto the tissue paper to decide which part of the design I wanted to use.


Once I decided on the best placement I then placed the bottom layer of the lid under the design.



I then placed the top layer and began to slowly and gently push down so the tissue paper was being sandwiched between the two.



Once I pushed as much as it would go, I turned it over. The blue needed to be pushed a little more until it was flush with the clear layer.


The excess tissue paper was cut away…


…but this left a untidy edge.


To neaten this I used a nail file in light, small circular movements…


…which flattened and neatened  the edge





Thank you as always for stopping by
Happy craftng

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